TheStyleRoom 031: Young Gods

Biondi e dai fisici perfetti, in competizione fra loro.
Amici/ nemici. Chi è il più bello del reame?
Due Young Gods nel servizio di Roberto Baruffi in esclusiva per webelieveinstyle.

Blonds and with perfect bodies, competing against each other.
Friends and enemies. Who is the fairest of them all?
Two Young Gods in this new ediorial shot by Roberto Baruffi in exclusive for webelieveinstyle.

Photographer: Roberto Baruffi
Styling: Stefano Guerrini

Grooming: Paolo Sfarra
Stylist’s assistant: Chiara Rizzitelli
Set assistant: Stefania Verrigni
Models: Kasper Nielsen @ Beatrice Models Management
Alexander Bullock @ Beatrice Models Management

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